Empowering women with mystery dis-ease to rediscover health & vitality



Meet Carrie

In 2012, Carrie found herself beset with mysterious fatigue and pain that interrupted her busy life. Though different doctors and therapists were able to address some symptoms, none could pinpoint the overall cause of her faltering health – or prescribe a solution that made her feel better...

Private Coaching

Imagine being able to recapture the life you lost and bask in the feeling of freedom and vibrancy every day. Let me help you find true healing an peace within yourself…

Self-Study Courses

Several self-study journeys are coming soon! These online courses will help you let go of the seemingly endless quest for the next treatment that will ease your suffering and use the power of neuroplasticity to begin healing yourself.


“Even over the phone, I can feel Carrie "right in the room with me," completely connecting and understanding… As a person, Carrie is wise, kind, and experienced!”

Background Includes:

Martha Beck Life Coach Training
M.A. Health & Wellness Coaching
Neuroplasticity Training
The Work of Byron Katie
Personal Illness to Wellness Journey!