Group Coaching: Open Coaching Call 

Wednesday, October 10th @ 11:00 am EDT
Call-in details will be posted in the Free Your Mind private facebook group

Join me by phone on October 10th at 8:00 am Pacific | 9:00 Mountain | 10:00 Central | 11:00 am Eastern for our bi-weekly group coaching call. In addition to live coaching, we will dig into the Module 2 "homework" on Word Power together. This call will NOT be recorded to protect the privacy of those wanting to be coached and share their thoughts live. I look forward to connecting with you!

*Group calls are open to Free Your Mind support group members only


Send questions or concerns using the form below and I'll contact you with a response if you can't make it to the call!

Anonymous? *
If you would prefer to remain anonymous please indicate here. *Live coaching will not be available for you, but I will address your question on the call.